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Circle and Line


What Clients Say

The Interiorful project is an experience like no other. We are completely hands-on throughout the entire project and ensure that as our client, you are kept firmly at the center of the process - with incredible results. 


Gisele J.

Genevieve follows her passions with a creative and skillful eye, offering state-of-the-art visualization tools to project and immerse yourself into your new dream environment. Very adaptable to her clients' needs, she listens and guides in order to creatively and resourcefully achieve your desired outcome in a prompt and focused manner. From our very first meeting, Genevieve offered advice and suggestions that went well beyond what one might expect of a simple 'first free consultation! Professional, courteous, and accommodating, Genevieve exudes great joy in her element, filling space in unexpected ways, and making it beautiful while functional. She is adept at finding ways to keep one's beloved or vintage pieces, suggesting refinishing or new colors, while addressing the "right" lighting and fixtures to dramatically enhance one's space. An absolute pleasure to work with!


Martha J.

I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve through a French organization. I had been thinking of renovating my kitchen, so when I learned she offered a free consultation, I reached out to her. She came to evaluate my kitchen and had very good suggestions about colors, the functionality of the furniture, and appliances. I was very impressed with how promptly she sent me all the details for the job, drawings, pricing, execution, and completion.


Nina - AirBnB Guest

Maria's place was fantastic. Very clean and stylish place with everything you need. The flat was simply beautiful !! Nice rooms with very comfortable beds, we literally had everything that we needed. The kitchen was fully equipped including a nice coffee machine. The flat is In a great location, with lots of great placeless around to eat! Maria was very accommodating and helpful letting us drop our bags off early and checking in on us regularly to make sure we had everything we needed. Would definitely stay here again!

Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 1.00.50 PM.png

Rashida V. 

I initially asked Genevieve to help plan my living room. Our discussions made me realize the importance of conducting a thorough Feng Shui analysis for both my home and myself before making any decisions. Genevieve's unique expertise in Interior Design and Feng Shui allowed me to receive a detailed report with recommendations to improve my home's energy and luck. With this newfound knowledge, I now understand the optimal placements for myself while watching TV or working in my office to maximize positive energy. Additionally, it became clear that the initially proposed location for the TV and fireplace cabinet wouldn't be favorable for me according to Feng Shui principles.  I then decided to align the layout of my living room with Feng Shui principles, ultimately creating a more harmonious and auspicious living space.

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