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Becoming a Superhost with The Interiorful

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Elevate Your AirBnB Experience and Income

Whether you've chosen not to sell your apartment or house or deliberately have purchased a property intending to transform it into an Airbnb, this presents an excellent opportunity to boost your monthly income. Personally, I've owned several Airbnb properties worldwide throughout my life and currently operate one in Portugal that reached the AirBnB Superhost Status after even not one year of operation and during the COVID climate! More importantly, I've traveled to many countries and stayed in numerous Airbnb accommodations, experiencing both the appreciation for well-equipped spaces and the disappointment of those lacking even the basic necessities.


Understanding the ideal setup and how to furnish an Airbnb is a skill, and as an Interior Designer, I possess a natural sense of what guests seek, the level of comfort they expect, and what they're willing to pay for their stay. Airbnb properties should not be decorated as if they were your own home because you won't be living there. While it's important for Airbnb accommodations to meet the expectations of most guests and offer a basic level of comfort, they should also possess a distinctive character that sets them apart from neighboring properties. These spaces should stand out and not resemble the typical home next door. They should offer a unique experience that people might not necessarily choose for their own residence but are eager to explore when booking an Airbnb.


For longer stays, guests often want to cook and feel at home, so you should consider their morning routines. Perhaps the first thing they do is make coffee. For some, a good morning coffee is essential, and you shouldn't cut corners when selecting a coffee machine.


Additionally, people usually don't rent an Airbnb to stay indoors all day; they spend their mornings and evenings there. What will they do in the evenings? Likely, they'll watch TV, just as they do at home. Therefore, the size of the TV is quite important, as is the selection of channels and the availability of premium TV services like Netflix and Hulu. Sometimes, having a channel they don't have at home can make all the difference. Dining out every night can be expensive, so guests appreciate amenities that help them cut travel costs, such as a simple BBQ on the terrace when permitted, kitchen tools for preparing easy meals like pasta, a microwave, and a toaster.


When decorating an Airbnb, I prioritize sturdy furniture that's easy to replace and unlikely to be discontinued soon, similar to what Ikea offers. Adding a sofa bed in the living room can accommodate more guests, attracting families or friends traveling together. Removable and washable covers for sensitive furniture offer flexibility in matching room accent colors. Upon completing the decoration of a rental property, I thoughtfully provide a comprehensive list of the items acquired for the apartment. This serves as a valuable addition to my services, offering you peace of mind by enabling swift replacements in the event of breakage or unexpected disappearance, all without disrupting the rental process.


Wall art, vases, flowers, pillows, window treatments, and various home accessories play a significant role in shaping the initial impression that Airbnb guests experience upon entering a property. They don't necessarily have to be high-priced items, but they should be thoughtfully selected to complement the overall decor and align with the reasons that led guests to choose that particular city, for instance. Having more rather than too few of these items can breathe life into the space, making it feel vibrant and captivating. It takes a discerning eye, such as the one we possess at The Interiorful, to truly transform the space into something breathtaking.


Ultimately, the quality of the beds and bedding holds paramount importance because Airbnb guests spend a significant portion of their time sleeping in your property. Therefore, it's crucial to strike a balance with mattresses that aren't excessively soft or too firm. While Ikea offers some intriguing options, there are also reputable brands available, although they may come at a higher cost.


Regarding bedding, the choice of bed covers typically rests with the Airbnb property owner and can serve as a delightful way to enhance room aesthetics. I recommend advocating for this possibility with your Property Management team. However, when it comes to bed sheets, they are typically kept white and easy to switch out, aligning with the standards set by your Property Management, whatever those may be.

At The Interiorful, our primary focus is on your overall experience. That's why we oversee every aspect, starting from the design, procuring furniture and accessories, all the way through to the final installation and handover to your Property Manager. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind so that you can seamlessly carry on with your daily routines.

To achieve a Superhost Status with your future AirBnB property, reach out by email to or visit my website, and I would be delighted to arrange a visit to your prospective Airbnb properties.

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